How do your standards align with IAITAM’s high standards for the profession?

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    Heather Waider

    My standards are high; however, most of my focus tends to fall on the operating KPAs. My program would benefit from a reevaluation with a clear establishment of core KPAs.

    Adele Asencio

    We dont currently have any standards

    Svetlana Terentyeva

    Some standards are implemented already, some of them will be implemented

    Bridgette Stuart

    Being a newly developed unit within the organization we were operating based on our standards. Some of our standards align with IAITAM and others will have to be created/restructured to align.

    Adam Feuerstein

    We don’t currently have standards.

    Eliza Budhathoki

    Providing reliable insights and implementing the standards and best practices consistently

    Elizabeth Neal

    We are in the process of training our teams in IAITAM processes with CAMP/CHAMP certification

    Kira Bunker

    We are fairly close to achieving alot of these standards, there are some that we are not directly in control of.

    Sameer Ullal

    Many of the IAITAM’s best practices and standards aligns with our organization’s SAM.

    Tyler Stoeger

    We have only been doing ITAM for a short time, but we are doing our best to follow industry standards thus far.

    Kenneth Simmons

    Our standards are very similar but also a much needed work in progress as we strive to improve our processes and standards.

    Shavontae Myers

    Ensuring that best practices are followed ethically and morally.

    Chris Becher

    Our organization’s standards align with IAITAM’s goals and methodology. I am curious to learn about how our internal practices compare to global best practices.

    Steven Henriquez

    Our standards align well with IAITAM because the team has completed multiple courses. Also, working in different jobs has brought all of our knowledge, experience and best practices together to make it all function.

    Ryan Silvano

    We are in the process of putting a solid foundation in place to have the practices adopted in my organisation.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 76 total)
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