How do your standards align with IAITAM’s high standards for the profession?

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    Ryan Silvano

    We are in the process of putting a solid foundation in place to have the practices adopted in my organisation. It is starting with myself and hopefully adoption with other teams.

    Sello Leburu

    Members of our IT Asset Management Team are certified with IAITAM.

    Logan Carter

    My standards align with IAITAM’s because as part of the ITAM team at my job we have similarities in our standards. I work in the Hardware side so the HAM components and proactive method of SAM/HAM are very much imbedded into our work.


    by communicating Policies and procedures…to manage client expectations


    by sticking to the KPA

    Matthew Yokotake

    Our standards align with IAITAM’s by implementing best practices and a deep understanding of the benefits and importance of a strong ITAM program.

    Santosh Sridhar

    New to this Process and will try to implement IAITAM’s high standards for the profession.

    Steven Czubinski

    My standards align with IATIAM’s high standards because I help reduce my organization’s risk exposure by managing inventory and tracking deployed hardware assets owned by the company. I believe in strong communication and collaboration among ITAM stakeholders.

    Erik Luhmer

    My standards align well with IAIATAM’s high standards for the profession and, in many cases, I have been doing these very things since before IAITAM existed.

    Kjetil Skinlo

    Working on it.

    Matthew Lepree

    We are still in the infancy stages, we do have some policies/procedures in place, but we need to bring more automation into our workflow. We are much better off than we were a year ago, but we still have a lot of room for growth and more efficient processes.

    Saroj Kumar Mohanty

    implementing best practices for ITAM

    Allana Erickson

    Currently in training to see how standards are align with the organization.

    Maria DeMars

    We are aligned with ITAM best practices.

    Markus Allen

    We have a fantastic team with high standards.

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 91 total)
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