What modern management trends have you witnessed?

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    Warren Herrera

    Recently, management trends have began to shift to more of a hybrid approach to accommodate for both in-person, and remote employees. This forces IT departments to revise their processes to include best practices around efficiency and compliance for both scenarios.

    Sylvia Villaman

    The shift towards remote work and digital collaboration has accelerated due to factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic. IT management is adapting to support remote work environments by providing secure access to resources, implementing collaboration tools, and ensuring connectivity and productivity for remote employees.

    Monika Vyletalova

    AI Integration, License management, more functional regularly updated tools in License management

    Kris Dysert

    Deployment of probes/agents to identify assets & metadata. Use of APIs & automation to gather & report information.


    – Increased artificial intelligence and machine learning integration with information systems.
    – Sustainability and increased focus on the environmental impact of IT assets.
    – Remote work and remote leadership

    Snehal Savarn


    Richard Sitter

    Outsourced and remote asset management is already very commonplace. VAR’s (value added resellers) frequently accept PO’s, store, image, and deploy devices on the client’s behalf.

    Charles Pellicane

    Scrum, agile, automation, Ai. Overall, it seems that the speed of work is increasing as it gets more flexible. Management trends are following this path.

    Chandra Gavino

    Use of Centers of Excellence in organizational structures.

    William Harrington

    A small, segmented management approach to managing SAM remotely.

    Darrin Dyches

    Major focus on AI and the push by C-level managers to find was to incorporate these new tools.

    Brad Moore

    Increased use of LLMs to augment work

    Uva Parameshwaran

    Since Covid-19 pandemic, organizations more open for adopting Remote working and due to this our dependency on technology grew. Challenging times for IT security and ITAM.

    Olawale Dada

    License management; Asset tracking and EoL management, Hybrid Work Management, AI, Change Management

    Sammia Abrar

    AI and Machine Learning: These tech trends are all about making work smarter, not harder. Companies are using AI to automate tasks and crunch data, which helps everyone stay on top of their game.

Viewing 15 posts - 91 through 105 (of 119 total)
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