Create a SWOT analysis of your current or anticipated ITAM program.

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    Chris Mcdonald
    Courtney Lepine

    Strengths would be our procurement of IT Assets with tracking of orders and what is ordered when and where.
    Weaknesses would be transparency and misunderstanding of individual roles and responsibilities
    Opportunities we have a new platform in our organization and we can utilize it to our fullest potential.
    Threats documentation on polices and procedures aren’t readily available and each location tends to have different work flows.

    Sandeep Bhadani


    -Comprehensive Asset Tracking: The ITAM program effectively tracks and manages all IT assets, including hardware, software, and licenses, providing a clear view of the organization’s IT infrastructure.
    -Compliance Management: It helps in ensuring compliance with software licensing agreements and regulatory requirements, reducing the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties.
    -Cost Optimization: The program assists in identifying underutilized assets, enabling cost optimization through efficient allocation and utilization of IT resources.
    -Risk Mitigation: By maintaining an accurate inventory of IT assets, the program helps in mitigating security risks associated with unauthorized or unmanaged devices and software.


    -Lack of Automation: The ITAM program may rely heavily on manual processes, leading to inefficiencies and potential inaccuracies in asset tracking and management.
    -Limited Integration: It may have limited integration with other IT systems, hindering seamless data exchange and workflow automation.
    -Resource Constraints: The program may face resource constraints in terms of dedicated staff, budget, or technology infrastructure, impacting its effectiveness.


    -Implementation of Automation Tools: There is an opportunity to implement automation tools for asset discovery, inventory management, and compliance tracking, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.
    -Integration with ITSM: Integrating ITAM with IT Service Management (ITSM) systems can streamline processes, improve service delivery, and enhance overall IT governance.
    -Enhanced Reporting and Analytics: By leveraging advanced reporting and analytics capabilities, the program can provide valuable insights for informed decision-making and continuous improvement.


    -Rapid Technology Changes: The rapid pace of technological advancements may pose a challenge in keeping the ITAM program up-to-date with evolving IT assets and associated management requirements.
    -Security Risks: Inadequate management of IT assets can lead to security vulnerabilities, data breaches, and non-compliance, posing significant threats to the organization.
    -Budget Constraints: Budgetary limitations may hinder the program’s ability to invest in advanced tools, resources, and expertise necessary for effective IT asset management.

    Jeff Van Raalte

    As we are just building out ITAM program, everything is perceived as a weakness as we have no program to speak of which right now makes everything an opportunity. Our only threat at this point is not getting executive by in to properly starting the program.

    Eero Vuorinen


    Stuart Swale

    Strengths – Our asset tagging and inventory are very accurate. We have a very strong system in place that the company are all on board with.
    Opportunities – Potential for more advanced software to keep track of inventory and eliminate spreadsheets.
    Weaknesses – We do not have proper standards for certain makes/models of hardware accessories. This allows users to custom order some expensive unnecessary items at times.
    Threats – Lack of a cost charge system for users losing items. Most users are not aware there is no penalty for lost/damaged assets so we are ok but this is a big looming threat.



    Vincent Job

    Strength – Faster process time from requisition to receiving
    Weakness – Inaccurate inventory in our data management system
    Opportunity – Create a better inventory management system
    Threat – Be proactive in ensuring all assets disposed are without sensitive information

    Andrea Gordon

    Strength – We have the right people dedicated to supporting the maturity level of our program.
    Weakness – At this stage each department essentially has their own ITAM program processes and procedures. It will take energy to get everyone engaged and involved at an enterprise level.
    Opportunity – We have a great opportunity to connect the organization through our newly founded community of practice group.
    Threat – People becoming overwhelmed with the change in their current ITAM program and not adopting or implementing the enterprise best practices and policies.

    Vinay B M

    Strength – Strict Compliance process put in place to effectively track assets/software installed in an organization
    Weakness – Admin access to users to download and install any software on their machines
    Opportunity – Identify a better SAM Tool and its implementation
    Threat – Audit risks for any non compliance activities

    Iva Kovacevic

    strength – acquisition
    weakness – policies and procedures
    opportunity – SAM tool and using it
    threat – we need to establish a management of knowledge in case someone leaves

    Joshua Comeau

    Effective communication
    Unlicensed software being downloaded on the machines
    Streamlining processes

    Adele Asencio

    As we are just building out ITAM program, everything is perceived as a weakness as we have no program to speak of

    Svetlana Terentyeva

    S: strong community of professionals
    W: resources and inconsistentcy in terminology
    O: standardisation and KPAs implementation
    T: Senior management support

    Eliza Budhathoki

    Strengths: Strong backup and team collaboration within the ITAM program
    Weakness: Limited tool access, dependence, and timeline.
    Opportunities: Collaboration opportunities and pieces of training and implementation
    Threat: Instability fluctuations in the workflow decrease the quality of the data input in the inventory

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