Create a SWOT analysis of your current or anticipated ITAM program.

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    Bridgette Stuart

    Strength- Disposal exercise
    Weakness-Limited resources
    Opportunity- Asset Management tools
    Threat- Non-compliance and lack of Policies

    Elizabeth Neal

    Strengths – Procurement Speed and Accuracy, Device Selection, Cost-savings, Environmental Awareness
    Weaknesses – Policies (often outdated) Fixed Asset Register (NBV) Discovery Tool Dependency, SAM
    Opportunities – Standardisation and KPAs implementation
    Threats – Audit risks for any non-compliance

    Kira Bunker

    S: Strong communication
    W: Weak SLA’s due to changes in the organization
    O: Diversify spend
    T: too many roles that are out of scope for Asset program

    Tyler Stoeger

    S: Already have an ITAM program in place
    W: Compared to other organizations, our ITAM program may be immature
    O: More business buy in from leadership
    T: Lack of buy in from IT Dept

    Kenneth Simmons

    THisd one hit home immediately and I had to use the same one.

    strength – acquisition
    weakness – policies and procedures as we need to improve here.
    opportunity – SAM tool and using it
    threat – we need to establish a management of knowledge in case someone leaves

    Shavontae Myers


    Heather Waider

    Strengths =
    * Customer service/trust
    * Stockroom organization and cleanliness
    * Disposal Management
    Weaknesses =
    * Lack of COM&EDU creates more support requests.
    * Slow ACQ
    * Local IT Asset Database is obsolete and does not support current business initiatives
    Opportunities =
    * Promote Existing Policy by better utilizing and promote Org’s nationwide Help Desk team and support portal.
    Threats =
    * PRG…Lack of consequences when policies are not followed.
    * PRJ…Walk-ups, instant messaging, 911 requests
    * FIN and Compliance directives tend to be lengthy and time consuming processes
    * IT resource consolidation efforts may potentially leave a void in staff.


    SWOT-We don’t have a high rate of turn over so information is available, we have a new electronic tool to find IT equipment we don’t know about, 95% of all the equipment bought is standard approved items and we are using that electronic tool to help us in audit situations.

    Sello Leburu


    Ryan Silvano

    S: collaborative community of professionals.
    W: limited knowledge from the community.
    O: strengthening of policies and procedures
    T: limited support from management

    Steven Czubinski

    Strengths: Inventory control, asset tracking, asset re-use, data sanitization, data destruction, and asset disposal.
    Weaknesses: End user communication and education.
    Opportunities: More collaboration among ITAM teams, standardized processes
    Threats: Poor leadership, end users downloading unlicensed software, lost/stolen devices

    Matthew Yokotake

    S: Community of professionals
    W: Legislation
    O: Communication
    T: Hackers

    Santosh Sridhar

    As we are just building out a process with the Help of ITAM program. Still yet to analyze.

    Kjetil Skinlo

    S: Top Management support
    W: An organisation used to appreciate rules and policies as interesting, maybe guiding, but not mandatory
    O: Our owner can demand us to implement ITAM
    T: Our owner can cut back on our financial room

    Matthew Lepree

    Strength: Quality people in our organization laying the foundation for the future of the program.
    Weakness: Our inventory information needs to be validated and cleaned up, as a lot of old information was imported into our system when we switched tools.
    Opportunities: As we continue to communicate our standards to our customers, hopefully we can increase productivity, accuracy and response times.
    Threat: There is always the threat of someone using their p-card to purchase a non-standard, unapproved item and plugging it into our system. This is why we are trying to communicate as best we can what our standards are and why.

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