Create a SWOT analysis of your current or anticipated ITAM program.

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    Warren Herrera

    Strengths: Processes and procedures
    Weaknesses: Backlog of lifecycle tasks
    Opportunities: Improve automation for efficiency
    Threats: Knowledge Management transfer and organization

    Erik Luhmer

    SAM consultancy. Does not apply.

    Logan Carter

    Strengths: Easy tagging of assets and management over them.
    Weakness: Unable to know true location or use of devices (based on trust from user)
    Threat: Inconsistencies with devices in asset management system.

    Markus Allen

    Strengths: Speed, communication
    Weakness: Data accuracy, Data Maintenance, Manual processes
    Opportunities: Collaboration with other teams for improved automation
    Threat: Asset reclamation, Manual processes

    Chandra Gavino

    Strength: In depth knowledge
    Weakness: Tool limitation, too much manual work
    Opportunities: Ability to automate
    Threat: Lack of leadership prioritization

    Sylvia Villaman

    SWOT analysis for anticipated ITAM program changes:
    Strength- good team work, good reputation, mostly effective/efficient SOPs
    Weakness- hiring issues/knowledge base issues, stuck in our ways, still operating small when we are a way larger dept. now
    Opportunities- new leader willing to be innovative, make changes, and try new ways of doing things
    Threats- hiring issues, lack of consistency, loss of funding

    Monika Vyletalova

    S: HW Asset tracking, cost optimization, risk mitigation
    W: Manual processes for SW asset tracking, not working IT tools (without IT support), communication across departments
    O: Improve IT tools with working IT support, automate SW asset tracking
    T: Budget limitation, lack in manual processes

    Olawale Dada

    Strengths: We have the right people dedicated to supporting the maturity level of our program.
    Weakness: Define Process that align with industry best practice
    Opportunities: Create a better asset inventory/audit
    Threat: Create a KB for all internal and external process

    Kris Dysert

    S: already have a draft policy/process & ITAM role
    W: Many areas vague/missing
    O: New personnel is a good time to explore the ‘why’s
    T: theft/poor disposal

    William Harrington

    My customer is currently building out their ITAM program.

    Maria DeMars


    Maria DeMars

    Weakness: Limited tool access, dependence, and timeline.
    Opportunities: Collaboration opportunities and pieces of training and implementation

    Egor Kataev

    S: strong community of professionals
    W: resources and inconsistentcy in terminology
    O: standardisation
    T: management support

    Chrisdan CRowe

    S: Acquisition
    W: Policies and procedures
    O: Standardization and implementation of KPAs
    T: Instability in Senior Leadership

    Zach Downey

    Strong collaboration between employees


    Standardization and process improvement

    Audit risks to mitigate

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 53 total)
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