Discuss how much you know and understand about your organization’s finances.

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    Anamaria Bocancia

    I don’t have any knowledge about our company’s finances outside of us being privately owned

    Steen Schmidt



    I am not involved in financial aspects of the company

    Matthew Yokotake

    Not familiar with the financial aspects of my organization.

    Santosh Sridhar

    I don’t have much knowledge about our organization’s finances

    Ruby Jha

    I am not involved in my organization’s finances.

    Steven Czubinski

    I don’t have involvement in my organization’s finances.

    Brenda Hunter

    I’m not involved in the Financial or Vendor management of but want to learn as much as possible about it.

    Brenda Hunter

    I know we have a team that work together on the budget and best practices.

    Brenda Hunter

    I don’t know much about the company’s finances

    Maria DeMars

    We manage global software publishers and each country owns a portion of these licenses. We charge them back for what they own, consume and when they are wanting to no longer use, we reallocate them to another country.

    Erik Luhmer

    I have limited insight into our finances. However, during our quarterly All-Hands meetings we review, at a high level, performance, strategy, goals, and the overall financial and growth roadmap.

    Allana Erickson

    I do not have insight to our organization’s financials.

    Kjetil Skinlo

    I am involved with the budget process

    Matthew Lepree

    We are only exposed to/involved with our ITAM budget. We are a government entity, so investing in IT inventory has to be monitored very closely. Generally we are periodically updated as to where we are in spending vs the fiscal year budget, so we receive the go-ahead from administrators/upper management as to when we can make more purchases.

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 119 total)
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