Discuss how much you know and understand about your organization’s finances.

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    Saroj Kumar Mohanty

    I am not involved in my organization’s finances.

    Markus Allen

    I am not privy to most, but I am aware of our quarterly opex and capex budgets.

    Warren Herrera

    I’m not heavily involved in my organization’s finances; however, I’m fairly involved in my teams/department’s finances.

    Sylvia Villaman

    I work for a local municipality that tries to be very transparent with its budget. Budget planning never stops. Most departments only have a handful of people that understand their department’s budget; however they never seem to budget enough to ensure funds are available for all the tech, renewals and maintenance that comes along with the tech they “need”.

    Monika Vyletalova

    We check charges, pot. budget for the licenses but otherwise there is a financial department, where I am not involved.

    Kris Dysert

    I understand them pretty well. The purchase process & contracts change, but the difference between CAPEX & OPEX, as well as different funds for different purposes usually stays the same.

    James Zaloudek

    I don’t manage budgets

    Charles Pellicane

    Intimately aware as an executive within the organization.

    William Harrington

    That part is kept from me.

    William Harrington

    I am not part of my organization finances.

    Darrin Dyches

    My company is made up of several different vertically integrated entities, so we are a bit siloed in our knowledge of the finances of the groups that we do not belong to. As for the specific group I’m in, I have a clear knowledge of the budgets, expenditures and posted cost savings.

    Brad Moore

    I have been involved in creating tools to help allocate resources and funds within the organization

    Olawale Dada

    Budget Preparation, Performance Monitoring, Forecasting

    Sanjay Pandey

    i know quite good about my organization finances

    Nurina Fakhira

    Software Management involved with our organization’s finances when doing the software purchasing. But my knowledge is limited.

Viewing 15 posts - 76 through 90 (of 119 total)
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