How will you explain the various job titles to the Human Resources Department?

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    Bridgette Stuart

    Based on the organizational chart.

    Adele Asencio


    Elizabeth Neal

    This is already communicated. Detailed description of job titles and responsibilities for roles are shared during recruitment and regular HR reviews.

    Kira Bunker

    Raci chart

    Sameer Ullal

    By defining the roles & responsibilities
    By defining how does these role contribute to the overall organization goals and objectives

    Tyler Stoeger

    through the KPA

    Kenneth Simmons

    That is above my role and not something I would be doing.

    Shavontae Myers

    Outline the specific duties, responsibilities, qualifications and skillset

    Heather Waider

    I would prepare job titles that show a career path and provide the tasks involved. I would describe how clear jobs titles will help the organization by clearing up confusion about what we do.

    Sello Leburu

    I will not


    I don’t have to…the jobs and the roles have already been completed.

    Ryan Silvano

    I would not even dare. They have their own opinions on it and they stick by those opinions, e.g. Software Asset Management is a procurement officer.

    Santosh Sridhar

    The Policy Manager sets the foundation for the ITAM program by creating the policies necessary for the ITAM program and to mitigate risks to the organization. The Policy Manager maintains all policies related to the ITAM program. The Policy Manager works with the Human Resources and Legal departments to define enforcement of organizational policies.

    Steven Czubinski

    Provide HR with a well-written and clearly defined job description outlining the roles, responsibilities, and desired skills, education, and qualifications of the candidate.

    Matthew Yokotake

    I would explain the various titles by stating the specific duties, skills, and qualifications required for the specific job title.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 47 total)
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